Common Core Solutions for English/Language Arts

McGraw-Hill Education is committed to providing a learning environment that is accessible and rewarding to teachers, students, parents and the community. We fully support the initiatives of the Common Core State Standards because they share our long-standing commitment to providing a progression of learning experiences that result in a mastery of knowledge and skills for the 21st century.

From introducing a child to reading to teaching advanced math, McGraw-Hill Education aligns all K-12 program offerings to the Common Core State Standards.

McGraw-Hill Education evaluated and re-developed all key Reading/Language Arts programs to be 100 percent in alignment with the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts & Literacy. Programs are described in detail below.

English/Language Arts Solutions (PreK-5)

McGraw-Hill Reading Wonders is the first and only reading program designed specifically for the Common Core State Standards for Reading/Language Arts. Combining research-based instruction with new tools to meet today's challenges, every component and every lesson is designed for effective and efficient CCSS instruction.

The program provides unmatched support for
  • Building a strong reading foundation
  • Accessing complex text
  • Finding and using text evidence
  • Engaging in collaborative conversations
  • Writing to sources

Using a rich range of diverse print and digital media, Wonders provides the instructional support and materials you will only find in a program that was created to teach the rigor, intent, and depth of the new Common Core State Standards.

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Macmillan/McGraw-Hill's Treasures is now aligned to the Common Core State Standards. This leading program offers the correct balance of fiction/nonfiction literature, explicit instruction and ample practice to ensure that students learn and grow as lifelong readers and writers. A Common Core State Standards alignment document and a Common Core e-Handbook that offers additional exercises are available for each grade level. These materials will support teachers as they transition to the Common Core State Standards.

Key features include:
  • Total program alignment to Common Core State Standards
  • Differentiated instruction built to support Tier I and II instruction
  • Lexile spans for each grade, which reflect Common Core State Standards' guidelines; these spans provide the text complexity required at each grade level.
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Imagine It! Today's Open Court Reading is one of the leading PreK-6 reading and language arts programs from SRA/McGraw-Hill. This program aligns to the Common Core State Standards and brings a solution for change to your district.

We've included helpful tools for instructors, including an alignment document to the Common Core State Standards for each grade and a Common Core e-Handbook to support teachers as they transition to the Common Core State Standards.

Key features include:
  • An unparalleled instruction foundation aligned to the Common Core State Standards
  • Maximized student performance
  • Targeted training and sustained support for proven effectiveness

The Wright Group's LEAD21 reading and language arts program is built on the Common Core State Standards, and it provides literacy instruction for 21st century classrooms. A Common Core State Standards' alignment document and a Common Core e-Handbook are available at each grade level to support teachers as they transition their classroom to the Common Core State Standards.

Key features include:
  • 21st Century Learning literacy embedded in every lesson
  • Leveled Differentiated Readers, which provide a path for students to accelerate their reading of more complex texts
  • Scaffolded Instructional Plans, which provide support for teachers as they implement Common Core State Standards
Learn more about LEAD21.

SRA® Early Interventions in Reading provides early intensive support to prevent reading difficulties before patterns of failure are established.

Solid research is at the heart of SRA Early Interventions in Reading. Designed to work comfortably with your core reading program, this early intervention program provides the significant increase in the intensity of instruction that low-level readers need to meet grade-level expectations. SRA Early Interventions in Reading helps you identify struggling readers in Grades K-3 and provide them with lessons that build mastery of essential skills through explicit, systematic instruction in these critical strands—phonemic awareness, letter—sound correspondences, word recognition and spelling, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Throughout the activities in all the strands, specific opportunities for Language and Literacy support are included. They provide many opportunities for student to use oral language when engaging in discussions, responding to tests, and exploring vocabulary. These support activities would benefit students who are English language learners or student with language development deficits.


The Common Core: Clarifying Expectations for Teachers & Students English Language Arts

Eleven flipbooks unpack the grade appropriate standards for English Language Arts content for each grade K-8 and for grade pairs 9&10 and 11&12. Each page unpacks the College and Career readiness anchor standards and grade level specific standards into clear teacher friendly text.

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