Our Role

As a leading provider of print and online solutions to help teachers teach and students learn, McGraw-Hill Education is committed to providing educators with the tools they need to meet the requirements of groundbreaking reforms such as the Common Core State Standards.

As the Common Core State Standards' initiative moves forward, McGraw-Hill Education will provide:

  • Partnership: McGraw-Hill Education is an endorsing partner of the NGA/CCSSO common core initiative.

  • Leadership: We are leading the way by providing programs that are aligned with college and career expectations and are reflective of cross-disciplinary skills such as critical thinking and problem solving.

  • Expertise: McGraw-Hill Education employs psychometricians, technologists and curriculum and pedagogical experts. Together with our authors, these professionals are deeply immersed in the latest research and developments concerning education reform.

  • Research-Based Programs: All of our major literacy and mathematics programs are research-based and fully align with the Common Core State Standards.

  • Forward Thinking: We have invested a significant amount in technology to ensure a seamless augmentation and delivery of content.

  • Empowerment: McGraw-Hill Education's formative assessment solutions allow teachers to leverage data to guide student learning.

  • Assessment: Our summative assessment practice provides credible, independent measures of achievement that will support teachers and students in the new environment of accountability.