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SRA Reading Laboratory™ 2.0 is an interactive, personalized reading practice program based on the classic SRA Reading Laboratory print program created by Don H. Parker, Ph.D. Now featuring innovative 21st century digital and social skills, Reading Laboratory™ 2.0 can be used for individual or small groups before, during, and after school, and even at home as homework.

Use SRA Reading Laboratory™ 2.0 in your classroom to:

  • Develop comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, word analysis, and study skills.
  • Reinforce specific skills in which students show weaknesses.
  • Increase students' knowledge base using a variety of fiction and nonfiction selections at their own reading levels.
  • Engage students' interests with community, reward, and game features.
  • Promote independent, individualized school work.

SRA Reading Laboratories have been helping students improve their reading skills for 50 years! SRA Reading Laboratories provide a range of reading levels to encourage students to learn at their own pace, and personalized instruction helps meet the needs of all students at all grade and reading levels.

Visit the SRA Reading Labs website for more information about the entire Labs Series for Grades K-12.


Specific Skill Series instills key comprehension skills through extensive practice in one skill area at a time. Combined with the assessment tools, the program can reinforce those areas where a student requires additional practice.

Multiple Skills Series presents an equal balance of the same skills in each leveled book. The program provides more general practice for all students, enabling them to increase their reading comprehension skills.

Learn more about Specific Skill Series and Multiple Skills Series.


The SRA Vocabulary Picture Pack provides teachers with tools to help their English Language Learners build oral language skills and vocabulary. Collections of photo cards focus on content area vocabulary and sight words with translations in 10 different languages. Differentiated activities support multiple English proficiency levels and can adapt to many classroom settings with the teacher-friendly, flexible format.

Learn more about the SRA Vocabulary Picture Pack.


SRA's Reading for Information is a brand new supplemental reading program designed for students in Grades 2-6. The program teaches strategies and comprehension skills through Science and Social Studies content to help students understand informational text.

Learn more about Reading for Information.


Improve students' overall reading comprehension with Reading for Understanding, an individualized supplemental program that also strengthens inferential skills, critical-thinking skills, and reasoning skills. *Reading Levels 1.5-7.0 and Up

Learn more about Reading for Understanding.


Content Essentials for Science provides standards-based science content and targeted instruction of essential reading strategies: together at last!

  • Builds essential science concepts using concise academic language, graphic organizers, and strong visuals
  • Pre-teaches important vocabulary
  • Provides language-level differentiation
  • Offers a strong technology component that provides animation, interactive activities, photo libraries, visual dictionaries, and video on important science concepts
  • Can be used with any science and language arts curricula
  • Can be delivered by teachers, coaches, or para-professionals
  • Especially effective with ELL and at-risk students

The Gear Up! with ELL Plus guided reading program is a resource of exceptional guided reading fiction and nonfiction titles from Wright Group. This program is suitable for a diverse population of beginning readers, including children with little or no experience in reading, English language learners, children who are making regular progress learning to read, children who need a challenge in their reading instruction and children who are becoming fluent readers.

Gear Up! with ELL Plus guided reading features:

  • 240 carefully leveled paired fiction and nonfiction books spanning 17 instructional levels
  • Research-based lesson plans in the best-practices guided reading format of Before, During, and After Reading
  • Comprehensive instruction focuses on the Five Essential Elements of reading instruction (phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension and vocabulary)
  • ELL Plus lesson plans enhance main lessons by providing additional support, especially in concept and vocabulary development
  • Gear Up! Digitized Library provides Internet access to all 240 titles with talking book format, comprehension and vocabulary activities and ELL support
Learn more about Gear Up! with ELL Plus.

SRA Mathematics Laboratory is a supplemental math program that enriches your lesson plans for math. With the SRA Mathematics Laboratory, you can meet the needs of individual learners with one classroom package containing materials for practicing specific skills, math facts practice, ongoing comprehensive math practice and review, extra credit, activity centers, and free time.

Visit the SRA Math Labs web site for more information about our SRA Math Labs.


Offer your students research-based math activities that correspond to every step on the learning trajectory. SRA Building Blocks is the next best thing to providing your class with a personal tutor. Your students will have access to nearly 200 engaging learning activities and you can track each student's progress on each trajectory.

See a demo of SRA Building Blocks.


Tools for Early Assessment in Math (TEAM) is an assessment screening tool for students in Grades Pre-K-5. This tool can be used to determine where a student is proficient in math skills by providing meaningful diagnostic reports and by prescribing additional activities to accelerate their learning of these skills based on the reported data.

  • Measures math skills and knowledge through a diagnostic assessment.
  • Identifies students learning trajectory track for core math topics.
  • Reports on students' understanding of math skills and standards.
  • Prescribes activity reports that tie back to math curriculum.
Early Childhood

This exciting early childhood program guides children along the proven track to academic success! The DLM Early Childhood Express ® offers a comprehensive child-centered curriculum with teacher support and 21st century technology.

Learn more about The DLM Early Childhood Express ®.


The comprehensive SRA KinderBound curriculum identifies students who need the foundational skills to begin kindergarten. With SRA KinderBound, teachers can quickly provide students with the basic understanding, knowledge, and skills needed to transition from preschool or home to kindergarten.

Learn more about SRA KinderBound.


Building Blocks™ embeds mathematical learning in Pre-K students' daily activities—from designated math activities to circle and story time—to relate informal math knowledge to formal concepts. Providing a solid foundation for future math study, Building Blocks™ Pre-K:

  • Offers interactive, high-tech activities and low-tech, hands-on manipulatives.
  • Offers real-world exploration through manipulatives, computers, books, and more.
  • Engages students in mathematical thinking.
  • Emphasizes conceptual thinking and reasoning to improve skill acquisition.
  • Develops learning aligned with state and national standards:
    • Number and Operations
    • Geometry
    • Measurement
    • Patterns and Algebra
    • Data Analysis and Classification
  • Provides appropriate and ongoing use of technology.
  • Incorporates assessment with learning events.
Learn more about Building Blocks™.